Liturgies for Opening and Closing Reading Group Sessions


In the Buddha, for refuge we go:

Wishing that all for their own sake,

On the greatest of paths forego,

And the greatest of Vows do take.

In the Dharma, for refuge we go:

Wishing all living beings might,

In knowledge of the sūtras grow,

Gaining an ocean of insight.

In the Saṅgha, for refuge we go:

Wishing that all on earth and more,

In unhindered harmony grow,

And lead us to the further shore.

5 Minute Meditation


Sūtra Opening Verse

The Dharma best, wonderful, and profound,
Is rarely found through beginningless time;
Now I can see it and hear its great sound,
And wish to know Buddha’s meaning sublime.

Dedication of Merits

Whatever merits we have gained,
May they be dedicated to:
The growth of joy and friendship unstained,
Compassion and charity too.

May all the merits be treasured,
And may we form affinities,
So that benefits unmeasured,
Aid humans and divinities.

Through deep dhyāna meditation,
Our upholding all the precepts,
And through chanting and oration,
May we have tolerant effects.

Rejecting unfortunate ends,
Let's develop gratitude great:
As far as saṃsāra extends,
Buddhahood we will actuate.