Sūtra Translations

The Secrets of the Tathāgata, 2nd Ed.

The Secrets of the Tathāgata (T312)

This translation of T312 was published on December 22nd, 2021. It is the first translation of the Tathāgataguhya Sūtra in a western language. It is a quintessential Mahāyāna sūtra on the nature of the body, speech, and mind of bodhisattvas and the Buddha and how they can take on whatever form is necessary to aid and teach beings.

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The Sūtra of the Dhāraṇī of the King of the Sound of Amitābha.pdf

The Sūtra of the Dhāraṇī of the King of the Sound of Amitābha's Drum (T370)

This translation of T370 was published on August 30th, 2021. It is a Pure Land sūtra which details three ways in which to be born in Sukhāvatī, one of which is by a dhāraṇī called the Dhāraṇī of the King of the Sound of Amitābha's Drum. This includes an annotated and interlinear translation and an unannotated translation which may be of more assistance to interested practitioners.

T 494 Ānanda's Seven Dreams Sūtra.pdf

Ānanda's Seven Dreams Sūtra (T494)

This translation of T 494 was completed on January 17th 2022. It is a short sūtra about seven dreams and their interpretation by the Buddha. They are related to the decline of the Dharma.


The King Ajātaśatru Sūtra (T626; 508; 509; 510)

This publication contains four first English translations of sūtras on the theme of Ajātaśatru, his repentance, and the eventual assurance of his attainment of buddhahood.

The King Ajātaśatru Sūtra (Skt. Ajātaśatrukaukṛtyavinodana, Taishō No. 626) presents the process whereby bodhisattva Mañjuśrī helped King Ajātaśatru to see the emptiness of all phenomenal existence and the original purity of mind. Through attaining these insights, the king overcame his doubts about his fate and received assurance of his eventual buddhahood. The Sūtra on King Ajātaśatru's Questions on the Five Heinous Crimes (Taishō No. 508) presents the process whereby the king will overcome his doubts by attaining rootless faith (granted to him by the Buddha) rather than through the realisation of emptiness. The Sūtra on King Ajātaśatru's Reception of his Prediction (Taishō No. 509) sees the king receive his assurance of buddhahood not while the Buddha is in the world, but rather by offering to him after he entered nirvāṇa. It Thus emphasises the transcendent nature of the Buddha's manifestation in the world. The Sūtra on the Flower Pickers (Taishō No. 510) presents a variation on the previous sūtra where the Buddha has not yet entered nirvāṇa.

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Sūtra on the Reception of Defilement of Dharmas (T792)

A short sūtra from the workshop of Ān Shìgāo on the defilement of men and women by the dharmas, or phenemona, of one another. It can be accessed here.

The Array of the Basket of Qualities Sūtra (Guṇakāraṇḍavyūhasūtra)

This is an ongoing project aimed at translating the Guṇakāraṇḍavyūhasūtra, a sūtra of significance in Nepalese Buddhism, which focuses on the qualities and virtues of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. This project currently comprises a rough preliminary prose translation, which will be fllowed by a verse translation that will match the structure of the Sanskrit. It can be accessed here.