The Array of the Basket of Qualities Sūtra

The Guṇakāraṇḍavyūha Sūtra
Translated by Shaku Shingan


This on-going project is an initial loose-prose translation of the Guṇakāraṇḍavyūhasūtra based on the Sanskrit of Lokesh Chandra (1999). It will be followed eventually by an English verse translation that will more closely match the structure of the Sanskrit. A more thorough introduction will follow as more progress is made with this project.


  1. The Account of the Acclaim of the Praise of the Triple Gem
    King Jinaśrī requests the arhat Jayaśrī to instruct him in the arising of the Triple Gem. Jayaśrī recounts an account (lit. avadāna) wherein Aśoka asks the arhat Upagupta the same question. After defining the Triple Gem, Upagupta praises the benefits of refuge in the Triple Gem and the practice of a Poṣadha Vrata (fast day observance). In particular, he teaches King Aśoka the method of performing the Amoghapāśa Avalokiteśvara Vrata, its benefits, and the consequences of slandering the Triple Gem. All of the assembly and King Jinaśrī obtain benefits upon hearing this teaching.