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Shingan's Portal is a source of Buddhist resources by Shaku Shingan. Shaku Shingan is a Mahāyāna Buddhist practitioner, who has spent several years developing ways to read, understand, and introduce Mahāyāna sūtras and thought to a wider audience. He currently focuses on preparing materials to aid with understanding Mahāyāna sūtra materials. On-going projects include the publication of accessible and non-academic sūtra translations from Sanskrit and Chinese, as well as more general books and other resources which can introduce Mahāyāna Buddhism to a wider audience.

Current Projects

A seven-year project that is almost nearing completion, Learning the Navagrantha is a project that presents an introduction to the nine most sacred texts of Mahāyāna Buddhism, the Navagrantha. Consisting of summaries, thematic analyses, and commentary,  Learning the Navagrantha makes tackling these difficult texts a much simpler task.

Sūtra translations by Shaku Shingan are posted here.



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